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Saturday, August 25, 2007

With the deep water exploration, Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) is invented 30 years ago. With high cost in transportation of gas (for LNG production), Floating LNG extraction unit is invented and now...FIRST Floating Gas Refinery

World's First Advance Floating Gas Refinery
The World's First Advance Floating Gas Refinery took 7 years from concept stage to engineering completion and further 2 years for construction. This giant refinery weighs 35,000 T and 100,000 T with the carrying vessel (Blue Marlin of Dockwise BV). Refinery was constructed in Spain and presently operating for one of the gas fields in Artic Circle.

Refinery - FPSO1

Floating Gas Refinery ready to sail away

Refinery - FPSO2

Floating Gas Refinery sailing...

It processes the non associated gas collected through Sub Sea piping network and transports the processed gas through a Sub Sea pipeline to the onshore facility. It seems there are 5 gas turbines to run this whole refinery.

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posted by Webworm, 1:36 AM


Wow....That is really big....Interesting....I only have been on one FPSO nearby Dulang platform. That was 4 years ago.
Ahem, that's not a floating refinery, that's the Snohvit LNG plant which was built in Spain, floated up to Norway and installed on dry land.

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